Trying to be quiet

At 4am in a massive, old-as-toss English house, it is impossible.

I’ve been turning off my radiator at night because it reaches tropical temperatures in my room. Something to do with having 2 radiators on the walls surrounding my bed. But of course the night before my graded uni presentation which has been heavily under-practiced, I forgot. 

I won’t bore you with the intricacies of my weird American-government alien conspiracy dreams, but I had one. And so everything got a bit much and I had to go downstairs for a while to cool off. 

I’ve been constipated for like 2 days now, which for me is very unusual (usually I can’t stop it from coming out) and of course, NOW it decides to make a move. 

THE LOUDEST ECHOIEST CLINKING SHIT I’VE HANDS-DOWN EVER DONE WHICH LASTED FOREVER. Then of course the flush, which just loves to be heard anyway, then upon refilling itself makes loud, factory noises that can be heard wherever you are in the house.

Let’s now see if I can tiptoe back without tripping over a cat or something. 

Good morning to all. 


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