I have never struggled to sleep. On the contrary actually, I find it rather difficult to stay awake most of the time. 

Lately, or rather the last year or so, I have struggled with sleeping. Particularly in the last 4 months, I’ve been waking up restlessly, totally soaked around my neck. It’s not great. 

My dreams are weird as shit, mostly horrible like the one I just had of letting my mum drown in a swimming pool, or having a load of kids on a long chain like balloons (somebody made me hold their fairground ride while they went to the toilet), accidentally letting go and watching them, with the worst, chest tightening feeling ever, float up and up into nothing, knowing they were lost forever and it was all my fault. 

The most common is to be woken by things crawling in me or buzzing around my head, then waking up to nothing but the dark. 

I’d rather just not dream at all, thank you. 

I don’t know what is causing me now to not sleep through the night without disturbance. I’m not particularly stressed out at the moment, that is apart from what this is causing, so if the universe has any ideas, please give me a sign. 

Sleepy regards.


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