On Tuesday 27th December I travelled by coach down to Margate. There awaited my good friends, Jade and Joe. The journey down, although less scary every time I make it, was a lot busier with it being that horrid period between Christmas and New Year. 

As I write this I am eating my second 5-a-day salad this week from the Travellers Inn next to London Victoria coach station, and it’s the fricken bomb. It’s all halloumi and avocado and grapes and those nice little peppers that look like tear drops and shiz. If I had anyone here with me I’d take a photo of it but I’m at risked looking like a mass hipster and I don’t fancy it to be honest. 

It’s been a lovely week here in the south. I went to see Moana in the nice old theatre in ramsgate, I bought some sexy “duck ends” and some beautiful old books from Petticoat Lane(?… I think that’s what it’s called), ate loads of nice food and basically just did loads of stuff including baking some red velvet cupcakes with Jade which I don’t think I would ever try and make on my own! (Basically they’re a ball ache).

So I’m pretty sad to be leaving to be honest. But atleast now I will get to see my bed at last, I’m doubting I’ll be able to stay awake long enough to see in the new year… we shall see. 


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