New semester!

I’m ready! I start semester two of my foundation year on Tuesday, got all my assignments listed and dated and I’ve got most of the books I need. Bring on the trumpets! Although I am currently reading Rebecca when I should be reading The Tempest… I just love Daphne du Maurier so much. And also my sister for buying me it.

Just had a Sunday dinner at mummy’s house and now we’re off to see T2 in an hour; I’m excited. 


Getting my head around people. 

Can’t do it. People are fucking awful. 

And feminists, if I see the word pussy one more time I’m gonna nut one of you. Fuck off.

Back ache, head ache, throat ache, IBS, period, what else? 

Future Sam, it’s been a shitty weekend, I hope you feel better now. 

Jim and Pam.

I’ve quit relationships of any kind (other than friendships, of course) until I’ve graduated. Unless it’s a Jim/Pam, a Nick/Jess, a Luke/Lorelei, or even a Niles/Daphne, I don’t want it. And if it doesn’t really exist then so be it.

So I’m going to come off the pill, get fit, save money, study English and enjoy myself with my friends and most importantly – myself! 
Here’s to a very chaste yet productive 2017, 18, 19 and 20.


As of the end of last year I’ve started keeping a little notebook by the side of my bed in which I write down my dreams just as I’ve had them. 

If anybody reads this book, I am straight up getting sent to an asylum.Even if they don’t exist anymore, they will build one just for me. 

So this is a plea to the guy who sorts out who dreams what. Hi, can I just NOT dream anymore please? That would be fantastic, if you could keep your weird Harry Potter murder purgatory (I didn’t even truly know what purgatory meant before I just googled it) shit to yourself and not wake me up by somebody touching the back of my head because to be honest I’m gonna go fucking mental if you don’t pack it in.

Regards, Sam.

Night Sweats / Sleep Pt.2 

The last 4/5 months has seen some if the worst nights sleep I’ve ever known. Waking up in the middle of the night totally soaked around my neck, at least 5 nights a week. In recent weeks there have been a few occasions where it’s been my full body, which is mental because I’ve never in my life really sweated much, unless working out.

Well the last 4 nights has been fine, I think I might have cracked it. 

Bear in mind that I’ve just woke up and it’s -1℃ outside. I’ve been sleeping with my window wide open, with a 4 tog duvet, completely naked (I’ve always worn a big T-shirt and pj bottoms in bed) with the radiator off. And I’m really warm. 


Not warm enough to have woken me up at all last night, nor enough to sweat. 

So this is my new method of sleeping… I don’t know what’s going to become of me in summer, hopefully my weirdo body will have fixed itself by then. If not then… 

North Pole, here I come!


Day three… of sitting in my bedroom trying to write essays. Admittedly, the first two were a waste of time, but with it being New Years day and the bank holiday, I let myself off. 

So yesterday I pretty much beasted the shit out of my Books vs. E-books essay, leaving me this morning with the light task of concluding and proofreading. Only two more to go for 10/01! Then I can spend the next twenty-odd days partying up before starting the next semester. 

I still aren’t used to writing 2017. 

Also, I was reading back a couple of my previous blogs the other day, and I noticed some dirty grammatical errors. I do avoid them as much as possible in all aspects of my writing, but have to admit I care slightly less in my personal shit that nobody is marking. Also most of the time it’s fucking auto-correct making a fool of me, however I am admittedly a gash typer when it comes to my phone keyboard. Any keyboard for that matter. 

Anyway, back I go to the laptop for more essay fun.