Day three… of sitting in my bedroom trying to write essays. Admittedly, the first two were a waste of time, but with it being New Years day and the bank holiday, I let myself off. 

So yesterday I pretty much beasted the shit out of my Books vs. E-books essay, leaving me this morning with the light task of concluding and proofreading. Only two more to go for 10/01! Then I can spend the next twenty-odd days partying up before starting the next semester. 

I still aren’t used to writing 2017. 

Also, I was reading back a couple of my previous blogs the other day, and I noticed some dirty grammatical errors. I do avoid them as much as possible in all aspects of my writing, but have to admit I care slightly less in my personal shit that nobody is marking. Also most of the time it’s fucking auto-correct making a fool of me, however I am admittedly a gash typer when it comes to my phone keyboard. Any keyboard for that matter. 

Anyway, back I go to the laptop for more essay fun. 


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