Post-pill life.

Now I’ve never been one for particularly caring about my body or the planet or animals etc. so moving in with the family I currently live with who are part vegetarian, non-floride using, filtered water drinking, yoga/qi gong practicing, non-animal testing was a bit of an eye opener. I still practice none of this.

I was a constant user of the contraceptive pill for 6 years (16-22), then came off it for a year to see what I was missing. Not much really, although I had only 8 periods in one year. Just as it was starting to regulate again (as much as my ridiculous body clock can) the following summer, I met somebody and decided to go back on it. Mistake. 

One more year later and here we are. I stopped taking it about 4 months ago because I had regained weight since starting again and nothing is worth that! And I’d been feeling depressed again for no real reason, which is DEFINITELY a place I REFUSE to go back to. Now I’ve found it slightly easier to control my appetite, but oh god, the sebum (I hate that word so much) that my face is producing is nothing I’ve ever known before. This morning I learnt that the pill suppresses your sebum quantities to a ‘childish amount’ so about 3 months into the withdrawal period, your body is like WOAH IT’S AN ADULT! 

So… spots. I mean, there have always been some spots, but in recent years it’s been clear sailing. Now I’m getting those big hot red fuckers on my chin again – not cool.

Also, so far my periods are every 34 days, opposed to the traditional 28 days. Huzzah.

So that’s it. No more birth-control poison for me! And my friend who cares about everything is doing it at the same time, so we’re both comparing notes now and again. There are now no men allowed in this house. Be gone, with your sperm!


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