Mental May 2k17

This month has been very busy (at least for me; probably about average for a popular, active person). I’ve finished University for the year, written three big essays, had plenty of opportunities to get merry, including the Radio 1’s Big Weekend where I saw my beloved Haim on the Saturday ❤ and the day after when my brother Marc got married to Kristie! Both unforgettable experiences which I shared with Hannah 😁 AND to finish May off, tomorrow I’m going to see Sugarhill Gang and Grandmaster Melle Mel & Scorpio’s Furious 5 at Fruit with Greggers! Which I am sooo excited for 😭 I also got fairly sunburnt this week in a series of unprotected outdoorsy days, so I’m a bit itchy now, but damn, do I look healthy. 

Now it is time to relax before I start working in the shop more. Both Mandy and Sue are leaving at the same time, so they want me in for both packing and shop cover if it’s desperate. I’m utilising this time by watching all of RuPaul’s Drag Race from the beginning and attempting to design an album cover for Zanna.

Hopefully the rest of the summer holidays won’t pass too quickly with work, but there will be money, and plenty more fun stuff happening! 



The first deadline has past, the sun has been out, uni has (just about) come to an end. We have our last elap session before Easter tomorrow but I don’t think anybody will turn up.

Went to my sisters castle in Hedon today and tackled the the Ivy in the huge secret garden. There was so much of it, it hid a whole brick shed and greenhouse! It’s nice to do any gardening, so I really enjoyed myself. Also found a dog/fox skeleton in some greenhouse soil too, which was a bit odd. Didn’t seem all that old either. 

In bed aching now, warming up with coconut tea and Plague Charmer. A good day overall.

Marchy March March.

Liking it so far. Feeling really happy lately and not sure why, but it feels good. 

This week I’ve got 3 reviews to write for elap, so for the book one I’m doing Rebecca and the 2 live event reviews are going to be about (probably) Bianca Del Rio because I haven’t been to any other live events! 

Been listening to a lot of indie music this week and it feels like I’m 15 again, I like it! I due for some more vinyl I think, it’s been a while since I’ve had anything new. 

The Tempest, Wuthering Heights, Life is Good. 

​So I aren’t doing very well with this documenting every uni session thing. So I’ll just do it when something important happens, or something worth remembering. 

At the moment we are doing Re-visioning Shakespeare, Introduction to study in the humanities and ELAP2. At the moment it’s reading week, so me and Hannah have done some stuff and today we went litter picking with some people from the university. There was free food and T-shirts etc so it was fun and felt good to kind of help the environment (although it also felt really pointless because we filled like a million sacks on just one street). 

Really loving my life at the moment, all is good! 

Valentine’s Day!

Despite being under a rain-cloud of ill health throughout 14/02/17, I had the best day! 

Hanz Baxty had a spare ticket to see Bianca Del Rio, so I watched all her shit and soon became obsessed with this goddamned drag queen. So off we went to Manchester to see her! 

Our original ride there and back had been cancelled, so we ended up travelling by coach and stayed over night in The Bull’s Head (which was lovely and provided a cracking breakfast). 

Went to Revolution for our dinner which made me too fat for my dress (but it was cracking so whatever) and then had pre-dranks in the room to get ready with.

 After the show we were fairly hammered (not the best idea when ill, I know) and ended up trawling Manchester in search of a late showing of Fifty Shades Darker. We found a vue and attended the 23.30 showing with 3 other weirdo couples. 

We beat everyone to the continental breakfast in the am which you kind of had to take back to the room, so it was bfast in bed all the way ❤ 

Travelling back to Hull wasn’t fantastic, but the fact that we had such a great time plus the promise of McDonald’s upon arrival was fuel enough for the journey. 

Got home and died. But it was completely worth it because now we have an event to write our ELAP reviews on… Success!

A little late… Semester 2

Last week was introduction week so there wasn’t much to take down, but yesterday (Tuesday 7th February) we had out first proper ELAP 2 with AlSimms. In a group we had half an hour to develop a newspaper. Ours was called The Cooperative Student, containing headlines, advice, puzzles, and it was free to all students. I also got confirmation that we could use novels for our book review, so when I get home this afternoon I’m going to write that.

In the afternoon we had our second lecture that alternates between RichMeek, StuMotts and someone we haven’t met yet called Jason? Anyway, they’re boring as hell and don’t seem to learn anything relevant to the assignments we’re doing, but you never know, I’ll probably be thankful for it by the end of the year.

New semester!

I’m ready! I start semester two of my foundation year on Tuesday, got all my assignments listed and dated and I’ve got most of the books I need. Bring on the trumpets! Although I am currently reading Rebecca when I should be reading The Tempest… I just love Daphne du Maurier so much. And also my sister for buying me it.

Just had a Sunday dinner at mummy’s house and now we’re off to see T2 in an hour; I’m excited.