Has been a weird one! Mostly good things happening but I lost my Grandad on the 10th so I had to come down a cloud or two. I am now grandparentless.

 We’ve been off a month for Easter holidays so it’s been lazy. The lack of movement has meant I’ve had to focus on eating less (which I should do anyway) because there’ve been a lot of body-dismorphia feels floating around my head lately and I don’t want it to bring me down like it so often does. 

There’s word of more work in the pet shop for summer which will be smashing because I won’t be poor as fuck. Yay.

Just finished my critical commentary on the tempest essay and should now probably start one of the last big essays… eh. 


Jim and Pam.

I’ve quit relationships of any kind (other than friendships, of course) until I’ve graduated. Unless it’s a Jim/Pam, a Nick/Jess, a Luke/Lorelei, or even a Niles/Daphne, I don’t want it. And if it doesn’t really exist then so be it.

So I’m going to come off the pill, get fit, save money, study English and enjoy myself with my friends and most importantly – myself! 
Here’s to a very chaste yet productive 2017, 18, 19 and 20.